About Our Guided Tours in the Basque Country

We know you’ve probably got plenty of questions about our food, drink, and cultural tours in San Sebastián and the Basque Country.

At Basque Bites, we want to show you a fun and memorable time, and that starts with answering all the questions you have about our experiences.

Scroll down to find the answers to the most popular questions we receive. And if we haven’t addressed one of your questions here, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

If you want to get to know Basque Bites better before booking a tour, head over to our About Us page.

FAQs About Our Basque Country Tours

Should I eat before the experience?

No, come hungry. No one has ever complained that there wasn’t enough food during a tour.

The San Sebastián Market Tour and Pintxo Lunch Tour is a normal-sized lunch that typically consists of 5 or 6 pintxos and 3 drinks per person.

The Walking Pintxo Dinner Tour in San Sebastián is larger with approximately 10 or 12 pintxos per person and 5 drinks.

I have dietary restrictions, can I still go on a tour?

Yes, we will always ask about allergies, restrictions, phobias, etc. BEFORE we visit the bars.

If you have severe or unusual allergies, please notify us in advance. We can accommodate almost anyone, minus vegans (see below).

I’m pregnant. Can you adapt the tour for me?

Absolutely. Not a problem.

Are your tours suitable for vegetarians?

Yes and no. It really depends on what type of vegetarian you are. If you are a vegan, for example, you will not be able to eat much at pintxo bars. If you are a pescatarian, you will be fine.

For both the lunch and dinner pintxo tours of San Sebastián, vegetarians who eat FISH, EGGS, CHEESE, and DAIRY will be fine.

If you don’t eat these staples, there are VERY FEW options for you. We do not recommend the tour for vegans.

If you’re interested in the La Rioja Wine Country Experience, French Basque Country Experience, or the Basque Coast Experience, vegetarians can be accommodated. If you are vegan, please contact us.

We have had strict vegetarians take our pintxo tours to be with their omnivore partners and they still had a great time. While they didn’t eat much, they still drank, snacked, and had a blast.

Remember, our San Sebastián and Basque Country tours are more than just food. They are social and interactive experiences walking the city, talking about history and culture, etc.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Are drinks served on the tour?

Yes, they are. We will offer you wine, hard cider, beer, or vermouth at the bars. We are also happy to order non-alcoholic drinks like sparkling water, juice, and soda.

Mixed drinks and cocktails are NOT provided on the tour but you are welcome to buy your own.

What if I don’t drink alcohol? Will I still enjoy the tour?

Yes. There are plenty of non-alcoholic beverages served in the bars.

We do NOT offer discounts for people who do not drink alcohol as the price of non-alcoholic beverages, Coca-Cola, or sparkling water, for example, is typically HIGHER than beer and wine. It’s a European thing.

I’m under 18. Can I drink alcohol on the tour?

NEGATIVO my friend. The legal drinking age in Spain is 18.

Can I bring my children?

Yes. We really enjoy having families take the tour! Well-behaved children of all ages are invited to participate in this experience with advanced notice.

We usually recommend the lunch tour for families with younger children but we have hosted plenty of kids on the dinner tour as well.

PLEASE NOTE we still charge full price for children over the age of 6 as it has been our observation that kids love pintxos and eat like horses.

Even though they do not drink alcohol, the price of non-alcoholic beverages exceeds that of beer and wine.

If you are convinced your child will NOT eat or have other concerns, please contact us directly.

How much walking is there?

For all of our guided tours in the Basque Country, there is an average of 3 km of walking.

For the pintxo tours of San Sebastián, you should plan to be on your feet for the entire duration of the tour—about 4 hours.

We cannot guarantee seating in the bars. Please wear comfortable footwear. If you are concerned or have mobility issues, please contact us in advance.

What is the weather like San Sebastián?

There is a reason why the hills are so green in the Basque Country! The Northern Coast of Spain is NOT a Mediterranean climate, it is more like an Atlantic climate.

Chilly temperatures, fog, and rain are normal here. A lot of rain. It’s more like “British” weather than “Spanish” weather.

Our tours operate RAIN OR SHINE. We recommend packing an umbrella, appropriate footwear, and a waterproof windbreaker.

Do I need to take a tour? I read a blog about pintxos...

Yes, you do need a tour. If you do not take one of our tours, PLEASE take a guided pintxo tour with someone else. There is no better way to understand San Sebastián and its unique culture.

There are many blogs and recommendations out there, but you will not know how to order, what language to speak, exactly where to go, what to eat, and what to drink—not to mention all the history and insight that goes into a proper night out for pintxos.