Essential Cultural Events in San Sebastián

The aroma of fresh pintxos drifting in the air, the sound of lively music echoing in the streets, the sight of a rowing crew powering a boat across La Concha Bay — San Sebastián expresses its rich culture in an array of sensory experiences.

These gatherings are not just dates on a calendar; they’re moments that define our way of life and the essence of our city.

At Basque Bites, our San Sebastián and Basque Country day tours celebrate the everyday culture that makes our home such a unique and fascinating place.

But in this blog, we’re focusing on the essential cultural events in San Sebastián that bring communities together and keep traditions alive.

This isn’t a comprehensive guide to our calendar of events, but rather the cream of the cultural crop.

Keep reading to find out which events we recommend. And if you need more information about any of our guided food tours in San Sebastián and the Basque Country, please contact us.

San Sebastian / Donostia city bay panorama. Basque Country, Northern Spain.

Semana Grande: A Basque Fiesta Like No Other

Semana Grande translates into English as “Big Week” — and that’s a pretty accurate description!

This weeklong festivity is San Sebastián’s biggest and most important cultural event. It electrifies the city every August, creating a sense of anticipation and excitement that hangs in the air.

And trust us when we say that the week is PACKED with amazing activities, performances, and competitions.

Just some of the highlights include:

  • Parades of dancers in traditional attire
  • The incredible International Fireworks Competition
  • Concerts in the port and on Zurriola Beach
  • Basque sports like stone lifting, log chopping, and Euskal Pilota
  • A pirate race and dozens of other kid-friendly events

The city truly comes alive with joyous celebrations during Semana Grande. This grand Basque fiesta will immerse you in the heart of our culture.

When you have finished reading this blog, keep planning your trip by reading our Ultimate Guide to San Sebastián.

Tamborrada: A 24-Hour Drumming Display

On the 20th of January, the rhythmic heartbeat of San Sebastián comes alive in an extraordinary show of drumming and camaraderie during Tamborrada. 

Picture this: the narrow streets resounding with the thunderous beats of drums as locals don outlandish period costumes or dress in their finest chefs whites and parade through the city. 

It’s a day when history, music, and unity converge, and you’re invited to join!

Tamborrada is a celebration of our patron saint, St Sebastian, and it all kicks off at the stroke of midnight on the 19th of January in the Plaza de la Constitución.

The city flag is raised and the drumming begins! Nearly all of the city’s dozens of gastronomic societies sponsor marching bands to play to melodies by Sarriegui, composer of “Marcha de San Sebastián”.

And the drumming continues for the next 24 hours in a remarkable display. 

On the 20th of January, it’s all but impossible to not encounter at least one tamborrada on the streets of San Sebastián.

the beach of La Concha in San Sebastian Spain

San Sebastián International Film Festival: Where Glamour Meets Culture

Prepare to be starstruck and swept away by the magic of cinema during the San Sebastián International Film Festival

Held in September, this iconic event transforms our beloved city into a cinematic wonderland. 

Join the ranks of filmmakers, actors, and industry professionals as they gather to celebrate the art of storytelling on the silver screen. 

Walk the red carpet, attend screenings of cutting-edge films, and engage in lively discussions with other cinephiles. 

SSIFF is one of the world’s “A-List” film festivals, along with other prestigious events like Berlin, Cannes, Toronto, and Sundance. It is also the oldest film festival in all of Spain.

For just a sample of the festival’s heritage, the European premiere of Star Wars was screened at SSIFF, and Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece Vertigo had its international premiere here too.

If you’re in town during the festival, keep your eyes peeled for the Hollywood stars who descend on the city.

Regatas de la Concha: Rowing Through Tradition

In the golden hues of September, our picturesque La Concha Bay becomes the stage for a breathtaking spectacle: the Regatas de la Concha. 

Taking place on the first two Sundays of the month, this rowing competition is more than a race; it’s a tribute to San Sebastián’s maritime heritage and the unwavering spirit of teamwork. 

Watch as traditional Basque rowing boats, known as traineras, slice through the crystalline waters in a display of strength and determination, as both women’s and men’s divisions battle to win the city’s flag! 

Join the cheering crowd and witness the age-old tradition that has united generations in a thrilling display of skill, power, and passion.

And after you’ve worked up an appetite, hit the pintxo tabernas using the skills you pick up with us on tour and the advice in our short guide to San Sebastián’s pintxos.

Jazzaldia: A San Sebastián Festival Dedicated to Jazz

If music is your muse, then San Sebastián’s jazz festival, Jazzaldia, is your siren’s call.

The city’s plazas and historic venues resonate with soulful melodies, captivating audiences and creating an enchanting atmosphere.

Lose yourself in the smooth sounds of saxophones, trumpets, and pianos as world-renowned musicians and local talents share their artistry. More lively pop, rock, and electronic musicians take over the main stage on the sands of Zurriola Playa for fantastic free concerts nightly!

As one of Europe’s oldest jazz festivals, Jazzaldia is an annual musical highlight for the people of San Sebastián and beyond.

This is a special time of year when the boundaries between culture and creativity blur, and you’re invited to join the harmonious symphony that fills the air.

Quincena Musical: A Beautiful Month of Classical Music

August is a month of refinement and elegance as San Sebastián hosts the Quincena Musical

If you’re a classical music enthusiast, prepare to be transported to a realm of sonatas and concertos, as orchestras and soloists grace our stages with timeless compositions.

Whether you’re a seasoned aficionado or a curious newcomer, the Quincena Musical is a true crescendo of cultural expression that will touch your soul and inspire your senses. One of the highlights is to hear world-renowned organists play the city’s many churches and the grand Buen Pastor Cathedral.

The roots of this event stretch back to the 1940s as part of an initiative to expand the city’s cultural program.

Every year, it grew and became more diverse until it eventually lasted for two weeks — hence the name Quincena Musical (Musical Fortnight).

And the event continued to grow! Today, it lasts around a month, with events taking place at iconic venues such as Victoria Eugenia Theater, Kursaal, Miramar Palace, and many more.  

Carnival: A Kaleidoscope of Color and Joy

In the midst of February, when winter begins to loosen its grip, San Sebastián erupts into a kaleidoscope of color, costumes, and merriment during Carnival. 

Parades of fantastical creatures, and laughter echoing through the streets create an atmosphere of sheer joy and celebration. 

Embrace the spirit of the occasion by donning your most imaginative attire, dancing to infectious rhythms, and immersing yourself in the collective euphoria that defines this lively event.

Booking a San Sebastián market and pintxo lunch tour or a pintxo dinner tour in San Sebastián to coincide with Carnival is a great way to add even more color and excitement to your experience.

31 de Agosto: A San Sebastián Festival of Remembrance  and Rebirth

Step back in time on the 31st of August and witness history come to life during the 31 de Agosto celebration. 

On this date in 1813, a tragic chapter of the Napoleonic Wars was written here in San Sebastián.

Allied Anglo-Portuguese troops marched into the city, defeating Napoleon’s occupying forces.

In the process, the city was pillaged and burnt to the ground. Only one street remained, so it was renamed 31 de Agosto Kalea.

This event was born out of our city’s sense of duty to honor the fall and subsequent rise of San Sebastián.

31 de Agosto is a living tapestry woven with parades, traditional clothing, and enthralling performances. 

You can walk alongside characters from the past as they tell a tale of resilience and triumph, reminding us of the enduring spirit that defines San Sebastián.

If you’re looking for even more experiences unique to our city, read our guide What is San Sebastián Known For? It’s packed with even more tips and advice from genuine locals.

Our San Sebastián Food Tours Can Complete Your Cultural Experience!

Attending any of these essential cultural events in San Sebastián is a great way to connect with our city on a deeper level. And there are many more we haven’t been able to mention here!

As one of the world’s culinary capitals, food and drink is another gateway to understanding and falling in love with San Sebastián.

Complete your cultural experience by joining one of our San Sebastián and Basque Country day tours. While we mainly focus on food and drink, there’s plenty of culture and history to enjoy too!

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